In India about 19% of the population encounters physical pain on a regular basis. Pain may surface for various reasons like injuries, post operational, life style and others. Pain can be considerable, acute and sometimes chronic. This can hamper a person’s major functionalities declining the overall quality of life. Sometimes stress and fatigue can pile up to the afflictive extent of triggering (patients into) depression and in few cases, to suicide. Pain may thus significantly retard a healthy life into a life of grim and bleakness.

But with in-depth diagnosis, proper pain management and adaptation to a healthy lifestyle, not only pain and palliation (can) be managed but in many cases surprisingly reduced. Life can once again get back to regular activities with better productivity, health and happiness.

Hope, Health & Beyond® is one such comprehensive center for pain and palliative care dedicated to effective pain management. It is established with the vision of care and compassion for all. Based on the ideology of customized treatment, our center focuses on each patient and looks at pain on an individual basis. A team of specialized medical experts, therapists and state-of-the-art technology not only aims at pain free living but also ensures a better reclamation of the patient of his/her own self, family and environment.

Offering both invasive and non-invasive care for pain and palliation, Hope, Health & Beyond works towards profound healing for every patient, securing a life of smiles, well being and much more…